PS Vita La Corda d’Oro 2ff (fortissimo) (Pre-order)


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  • Release in Dec 21 2017
  • This is pre-order item. We will ship it out in two weeks or pick up in the store.
  • Available in normal and/or limited version. Please choose accordingly.
  • Treasure Box contains: 1. Original setting illustration book. 2. Two special portraits. 3. Original design pouch. 
  • That is the Tune of Love Box contains: 1. Character song and OST. 2. Romantic CD (9 pcs) (introduces new content after 1 year of the game’s ending) 2. Original bromide (11 types in total) 3. Snow globe connect charm (11 types in total) 4. Original setting illustration 5. Two special portraits 6. Original design pouch.

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